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Pattaya bay in 2010
Pattaya bay in 2010

Pattaya is a beach resort along the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, only 120 km from the international airport of Bangkok. The once small fishing village Nong Prue has become Pattaya City since 1978 and nowadays consits of Naklua in the North, Nong Prue (Pattaya) and Jomtien in the South. And of course world (in)famous for the nightlife at "Walking Street". But there is much more beyond the first smile of Pattaya. The name comes from the wind blowing from the south-east and marking the beginning of the raining season.

How to get to/from Pattaya?
Air : Pattaya has no airport although Suvarnabhumi Airport is only 120 km away and U-Tapao Airport is only 40 km south of Pattaya. See U-Tapao Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport

Train : There are  2 train-stations and you could take the train to Pattaya, but it is a very slow train. For information see SRT

Bus : The main bus-station is on Pattaya Nua with busses going to Survanabhumi Airport, Ekmai and MoChit in Bangkok. There are also busses going to some other places in Thailand. Along Sukhumvit road between Pattaya Nua and Pattaya Klang are 2 other bus-stations serving other places in Thailand like Rayong and Chantaburi.

Car : Roads to/from Pattaya are very good so travelling by car is very easy. It will take you about 1 hour to the airport or 90 min to downtown Bangkok.

Although you could also travel by mini-van, due to the very bad safety records I would not recommend to use mini-van's.

How to get around?
  • Songtheauw's (baht buses) for fixed routes or hired for a trip.
  • Motorbike-taxi's for short distances.
  • Metered taxi's (that might refuse to use the meter).
  • There are no bicycle samlors anymore.
  • There are not much Tuk-Tuk's anymore.
  • It is not a good place to go by bicycle yourself.
  • You can rent car or motorcycle (but check the insurance).
Where to stay?
You should first ask yourself "Where do I want to stay?". Pattaya city, Naklua or Jomtien. And near the beach or not? My personal favorite would be along the beach of Naklua. Of course you can book any hotel via Agoda Hotels in Pattaya.

Where to eat?
There is a wide range of choice to eat, from simple street-food to upscale seafood restaurants and junk-food at KFC. What do you want? Italian, French, Russian, Indonesian, Dutch, British, Thai, German? Pattaya has everything! At WalkingStreet are a few good seafood restaurants.

What to do?
Although there is beach in Pattaya, Jomtien or Naklua I would not recommend to swim in the sea there. I would go to one of the nearby islands like Koh Larn. This takes only 20 min with the ferry from Pattaya pier. The main attraction of Pattaya City is nightlife and shopping. But nearby Pattaya are a few things to do like Nong Nuch Garden, Sanctuary of Truth, Silver Lake, Bang Saray, Million-years Stone Park, Minosa, Floating Market and Ang Sila. Although there also elephant camps near Pattaya I ask you NOT to go there. Elephants to belong in the jungle, not in an attraction park.

Where is the nightlife?
Well, of course the world infamous nightlife of Pattaya is at Walking Street, full with A-Go-Go bars. And in Soi 7 and 8 full with beer bars. And in Soi 6 full with other kind of bars. A new area of nightlife is starting at Soi Bowkau and Soi LK Metro. And even at the other side of Sukhumvit, also called "The Dark Side". But most nightlife inclusive pubs, clubs and disco's is at Walking Street. And do not be shy it is not only for party as there are many restaurants, shops and normal massage places in the area of Pattaya Tai (South Pattaya).

Is there more information?
See my posting Chang Noi in Pattaya And Pattaya City Life Style Or Lonely planet Pattaya

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