Making a bicycle trip in Thailand, Laos or Cambodia

Cycling Sukhothai in Sukhothai, Thailand

As bicycling is becoming more and more popular for tourists, there are also more and more people offering bicycle tours. I joined a few bicycle tours in Thailand and a made a few myself in Phnom Penh (Cambodia). I will try to make a small list of companies doing bicycle tours ....

1. Recreational Bangkok Biking

Location :  Rama 3 road, Bangkok
Web-site  : Recreational Bangkok Biking.
A Dutch managed company that is already doing bicycle trips for a long time. They do tours in Bangkok and have partners in Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Pattaya. I have never joined them so I can not tell much about it.

2. ABC Biking Bangkok

Location : Sukhumvit Soi 26, Bangkok
Web-site : ABC Biking Bangkok
Also an original Dutch managed company doing tours in Bangkok. I have never joined them so I can not tell much about it.

3. Co van Kessel Bangkok Tours

Location : River City, Bangkok
Web-site : Co van Kessel Bangkok Tours.
A company originally setup by the late Co van Kessel from the Netherlands. Now run from "River City" in Bangkok by a kind of family of Co (in the Thai way of speaking). They do tours in down-town China Town and actually almost all over Bangkok. I joined them a few times and I love their tours.

4. Bangkok Bike Adventure

Location : Sukhumvit road, Bangkok
Web-site : Bangkok Bike Adventure

5. Follow Me Bike Tour

Location : Sathorn Soi 9, Bangkok
Web-site : Follow Me Bike Tour

6. Bangkok Bike Rides (by Spice Roads)

Location : Sukhumvit Soi 71, Bangkok
Web-site : Bangkok Bike Rides

7. Sukhothai Bicycle Tour

Location : On the outskirts of (new) Sukhothai
Web-site : Sukhothai Bicycle Tour
A family company by Jib and Miouw, with locale guides to show you the historical city of Sukhothai but also the authentic upcountry life of Thailand. Jib and Miouw both speak Thai and English. And they are doing great tours along the rice-fields and historical park of Sukhothai. Although I have never joined them in a tour, I know them already more as 10 years and I am sure they make great tours.

8. Cycling Sukothai Tours

Location : On the outskirts of (new) Sukhothai
Web-site : Cycling Sukhothai Tours
By Ronny and Mem. Ronny is a long-term resident of Sukhothai and many moons ago he married with Mem from Sukhothai. They did work both on the tourist sector and now they are running their own bicycle company. Something they both do with their heart. Ronny speaks Thai, Dutch, French and English. Mem speaks Thai and English. A long time ago I did join Ronny on one of his field-work trips and it was a great tour along the country-side of Sukhothai and the historical park of Sukhothai.

9. Chiang Rai Bicycle Tour

Location : Chiang Rai
Web-site :Chiang Rai Bicycle Tour

10. Chiang Mai Bicycle

Location : 500m south of the old city, Chiang Mai
Web-site :Chiang Mai Bicycle.

11. Green Discovery Laos

Location : HQ in Vientiane, Laos but they have 6 other offices in Laos.
Web-site :Green Discovery Laos
They do bicycle tours in Vientiane but also in almost all their other destination area's of Laos.

12. Vientiane Bicycle

Location : Vientiane, Laos
Web-site :Vientiane Bicycle
Originally set-up by a Dutch lady, but I am not sure if this company is still active.

13. Bike & Travel Laos

Location : Vientiane, Luang Prabang,
Web-site : Bike and Travel Laos
Originally set-up by 2 friends (a Dutch and a German guy) and doing short (half-day city tours) tours up-to long (17 days cross-country) tours in Laos. I have never joined them for a tour.

14. Tiger Trail Laos (Laos Adventures)

Location : Luang Prabang
Web-site : Laos Adventure Biking trips

15. Grasshopper Adventures

Location : Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai), Cambodia (Phnom Penh and Siem Reap), Laos (Vientiane and Luang Prabang)
Web-site : Grasshopper Adventures.
An Australian managed company that organizes small quality bicycle trips. They also do rent bicycles so you can just go your own way. I rented bicycles from them in Phnom Penh. Good taken care of bicycles, but not really cheap.

16. Spice Roads Bicycle Tours

Location : Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai), Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Laos
Web-site : Spice Roads Bicycle Tours
Doing tour in countries all over the world but also in Thailand, Laos, Burma and Cambodia.

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