Almost everything about Loei town

Sunset over Loei - Thailand

Loei town in Loei province, of course along the Loei River, is located in one of the most remote and under-visited areas of Thailand, surrounded by mountains of Phu Rua and Phu Luang. And just 50 km from the border with Laos and the place where the Mekong Rivers starts to be again the border between Laos and Thailand. It is a small, modern town with not much real tourist attractions but just laid-down village life of Thailand.

How to get to/from Loei?

  • Air : The airport (LOE) is served by Nok Air to Bangkok (Don Muang).
  • Bus : There are busses to/from all major cities in Thailand.
  • Road : All major roads in Thailand are good & safe to travel, you will be in Khon Kaen or Udon Thaini within 2 to 3 hours.
Loei is also a good place to use as base to start travelling to Laos via the international border crossing at Thali.

How to get around?

  • TukTuk's for short rides.
  • Songtheauw for fixed routes or hire for a trip.
  • By bicycle as the city is not big.
  • With motorbike to explorer the nearby area.
  • There are bicycles and motorbikes for rent.

Where to stay?

The choice is simple, in the city or outside the city in the mountains. I prefer the city, so you can have a nice dinner in the evening and walk around the town a bit. When searching for hotels, be aware that some hotels are in the province Loei not in the city Loei! When staying a few days I would recommend to stay a bit out of the city and have your own transport.

Where to eat?

There are not much real restaurants in town, and even only 1 serving western food. Most restaurants are to be found within 500 meter of the round-about.

What to do?

In the city itself is actually not much to do. In day times it looks like there is nobody living, but in the afternoon people come to the small lake in town to meet and be seen. Very relaxed and upcountry-feeling. Behind the King Hotel is a small street that is closed every evening to be turned into a big open air food-court. Very popular with the young people of Loei.

What to do nearby?

  • Go to the top of Phu Rua
  • Have lunch in Chiang Khan (or stay a night)
  • Have lunch at Hua Krating Lake
  • In February visit the "Dok Fai Ban" cotton blossom festival
  • In June visit the "Phitakhon" ghost festival in Dan Sai