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Temple guard in a Ubon Ratchathani in North-East Thailand
Ubon Ratchathani, the Lotus Blossom,  is Thailand's most eastern big city and the capital city of the province Ubon Ratchathani. It is a modern city, grown big during the Vietnam-war area as the USA air-force used the airport for campaigns in Vietnam. The city is used as gate-way to Southern Laos. The city is famous for it's yearly candle festival.

How to get to/from Ubon Ratchathani?
Air : For domestic flights only from/to Bangkok by Thai Airways, Air Asia and Nok Air.
Thai Airways is pretending to fly from Ubon to anywhere in Thailand, but as far as I understand all that flights have a stop-over in Bangkok.

Bus   : There are buses from/to al major cities in Thailand and even from/to Pakse (Laos).
See Busses Isaan

Road : Main roads all over Thailand are good & safe, driving to Bangkok would take you about 6 to 7 hours.

Train : You can take the train from Bangkok to the end-station at Ubon Ratchathani. With the night train it will take you about 12 hours. Train station is just outside the city on the other side of the river.

How to get around?
  • Songteauw for fixed routes.
  • Motorbike taxi's and Tuk-Tuk's for short distances.
  • The city is a bit spread out, so walking or bicycle is not a good option.
  • Car or motorbike rental to explorer the nearby area's.
  • And I have just been informed that there are actually also metered-taxi's.
Where to stay?
There are some guesthouse near the train-station (south of the city) or along the riverside area or in the area of the airport. 

Where to eat?
Along the riverside are some nice restaurant, as well around the area of the airport. But as in most modern Thai cities restaurants and pubs are actually spread all over the city. I will have to come back soon to check that out better.

What to do?
The city itself has actually not much tourist attractions, as to be used as a starting point to travel to Laos. Just enjoy local city life and visit the riverside market or the beach at the Moon River. And  walk in the late afternoon / evening at Tung Sri Muang Park (city park).

What to do nearby?
* Visit "Phreah Vihar" temple (if there is no war going on)
* Visit the "Two colored river" (where the Moon River meets the Mekong River)

Is there more information?
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