Flight MH17 lost above Ukraine

Flight MH17

July 2014 Another sad day for the airline industry. A tragedy for the family, loved ones and friends of passengers and flight crew of flight MH17 from Amsterdam to KL. Words fall short .... why? In retrospect .... why do all airlines fly over a warzone where ground to air missiles are being used?

March 2019 : Above is what I posted on 18 July 2014 when it was clear that flight MH17 was shot down above the the Krim on 17 July 2014. And today 9 March 2020, almost 6 years later is starting in the Netherlands an "international" criminal trial against four men accused of murdering 298 people on board of flight MH17. With all respect to all people who lost beloved ones in this tragic accident, I do not believe this trial is going to bring the truth, the all truth and nothing less as the truth. If you are reading this and you are one of them then you might better stop reading now.

International trial? Or only all countries together who blame Russia for it? But is Russia really to blame for it alone? Are these 4 soldiers really to blame for it all? Of course the run-up to this trial made sure that there was only 1 guilty party and even better because of that they did not have to look into other guilty parties.

  • Flight MH was shot down amid a conflict of war in eastern Ukraine. A conflict over was that was also carefully orchestrated by the USA and the EU.
  • And yes it is very much possible that flight MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile system. But at the same moment of time there were military airplanes of multiple armies in that same airspace and there have been engagement of confrontation. In other words there have been air-to-air combat in that same airspace. Conveniently not all radar information is made public.
  • And yes the BUK missile systems are made in/by Russia but Russia is not the only one who have access to BUK missile systems. Although it is very likely that if the BUK missile system was used to shot down flight MH17 that it was a BUK missile system from & operated by Russia. But also Ukraine has BUK missile systems and they have people who can operate them.
  • Why were airlines incl. Malaysian Airlines flying over a war zone where recently ground-to-air missiles had been used to shoot down military airplanes? Who did benefit from downgrading the seriousness of the war in Ukraine? Accidentally the same countries that are now starting an international trial against the bad boy Russia?
  • Let's assume that it was indeed a Russian operated BUK missile system that did shot down flight MH17 and let's assume that these 4 soldiers did "pull the trigger". Then what are they  accused of? It is a war zone, that is were people get killed. I don't believe they did shoot flight MH17 on purpose. A traffic accident in war, a war created by the US, Russia and not forget also by the EU. 

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