Requirements of my hotel room

As I travel a lot I also stay in many hotels. Actually I am very easy with hotel rooms, all according to what has been paid for the room. As long as the room is clean, the bathroom has warm water and the bed is not too hard I am fine. But when staying in "better" hotels or even luxury resorts I have some more demands I like
  • A bit spacious bathroom so you do not have to sit on the toilet to take a shower
  • A shower that is covered so not the all bathroom is wet after a shower
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • No carpet on the floor, it smells bad after a few years. A nice wooden floor would be best.
  • Plugs available for charging telephone or laptop
  • Secure Wifi that is free and really works
  • A room that is really dark ... good curtains and no "night" light that you cannot switch of
  • Nice, big and soft towels (not old and hard)
  • Like I said a bed not too hard but also not too soft
  • Different kind of pillows (not 4 the same as I need pillows not to hard)
  • Airco that works, can be controlled and does not make to much noise
  • Like I said a room that is really dark, so no airo with a display that gives enough light to read a book
  • In the cool season it would be nice if you could open the windows and have mosquito screens
 That all said there are a few things I really do not care about in my hotel room
  • TV ... I almost never look TV (also not at home)
  • Mini-bar (I not get drunk in my room and I do not like cold water)

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster

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