Bicycling on the so called highways of Thailand

In the weekend of 22 February 2014 a cyclist from Chili was killed in a traffic accident on Mithraphap road (between Khon Kaen and Nakhon Ratchasima). He was trying to cycle 250.000 km around the world in 5 years and he was far on his target. In Singapore he had met his to be wife and they had a child. His wife and baby were with him in a small car behind his bicycle. His wife suffered a broken leg and his baby was unhurt. They were struck by a driver that had not seen them. Details on how you can not see a bicycle in full day-light remain unknown.

It is a very sad affair indeed and my thoughts are with his beloved ones who are left behind. It is not the first time something like this happened. In 2013 a British couple was killed along the Thai roads after 19 months traveling all over the world. And it are not only tourists that get killed ... on a daily base many Thai die in traffic accidents.

As motorbike rider I am on the roads of Thailand quit often and it seems that South-East Asia has become a favorite place for tourists to make Free Independent Bicycle Trips.  I regularly see tourists on bicycles along the roads of Thailand. What surprises me is that they choose the go over the so called "highways" of Thailand. Would you do that at home also? As motorbike rider I know how dangerous the Thai "highways" are, it are actually not highways but just big main roads.

Why do cyclist choose to use the big main roads in Thailand while there are so many options for more safe roads? I do not know, but maybe the answer is because they do not realize that there are other good options. Thai highways are NOT SAFE! They are dangerous and especially for bicycles. Wait let me write that again

Thai highways are NOT SAFE! They are dangerous!

Before you are going to make a long distance bicycle (or motorbike) trip do some research, get a good map and avoid as far as possible the main highways!

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