Travel Tips : Your Travel Insurance

I still not understand it .... but it seems that there are many people traveling (anywhere in the world) without travel insurance. And no I am not talking about "Cancellation / Delay Insurance" for your flight. Or for any luggage insurance during your flight. Costs of cancellation / Delay of your flight or Lost / Delay of your luggage is more as a bit annoying but manageable (providing the fact that you can afford to travel anyway).

And having a Travel Insurance costs in compare to your all holiday not much but can save your and / or family a lot of troubles and / or money. Do NOT rely on other people to fix YOUR problems! So please check ... do you have Travel Insurance or does your Healthcare Insurance cover the costs made while traveling?

Small accidents with big problems can happen very easy. You just cross the road, a scooter hits you and you break your arm and did hurt your head. And of course the scooter has no insurance (what is very normal in countries like Thailand, Laos or Cambodia). So just bad luck for you! But YOU have to go to a hospital. If you are going to a private hospital they FIRST want you to pay a deposit or have a cover of insurance. Otherwise ... please see the next hospital.

Or something worse happens ... your father is dying at home and you need to go home NOW. But you cannot just change your air-ticket ... so you need to buy a new ticket NOW. Can you just pay for that?

Theft is not uncommon while traveling ..... all your luggage is stolen incl. your credit-card & passport. Now what? Ask your family to transfer some money?

A good Travel Insurance should (optional) cover :
1. Repatriating back home in case of death or illness of family back home
2. Medical care
3. Luggage insurance (incl. travel documents)
4. Support in the country where you are going
5. Accidents & repatriating in case of death or serious injuries

Also check for how long you can be on holiday and if your insurance covers all you want to do during your holiday like diving or motorbike riding.

On a side note ..... this all actually also applies to people living abroad and having a jolly good time until they get sick or have a big accident. Then suddenly it seems they do not have money to take care their problems. Do NOT rely on other people to fix YOUR problems! 

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