Traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Walking in Bangkok, Thailand
Soi Sam Sen in Bangkok

My tour started in the area of Sam Sen in Bangkok. And I really like this area, it was about 15 years ago that I was here for the last time. It is near to the Chao Phraya and it is full of small soi's (streets) that give you the feeling of the real Bangkok. And if you like you can walk to Kao San road. We did stay 3 nights in Bangkok and as the express-boat pier was nearby I took the express boat to River City from where I did go Bicycling with Co Van Kessel in Bangkok. It was a wonderful trip along the small soi's of China Town, crossing the Chao Phraya River, taking the long-tail boat in some klongs and having lunch in a open-air Thai restaurant along a klong. The other day I enjoyed myself with Walking in Sam Sen in Bangkok.

Our next destination would be Kanchanaburi, so we left very early in the morning to go first to Damoen Sudak, the famous floating Market. On the way we stopped at a coco-nut farm where you can see how the coco-nut sugar and oil is made. A bit commercial but still a nice and interesting stop. Also the floating market is a bit (or very much) commercial and personally I would skip it. We continued to Kanchanaburi city where we had lunch along the Kwai River with view over the world famous "Bridge over the River Kwai".

Lunch in Sam Sem, Bangkok

Going to Jungle Rafts Hotel in Kanchanaburi, Thailand
The Kwai Noi River in Kanchanaburi

Along the Chao Phraya River in Ayutthaya
After lunch we continued to the small village Nam Tok where is the end-station of the current rail-road that was build by POW during the second world war. From here we took the train back a bit and passing the most stunning part of the rail-road along the Kwai River. Our mini-van did pick us up a few stations later and we continued to our hotel that is floating on the Kwai Noi River. To get there we had to take a 20 min ride in a long-tail boat. It is back to nature again ... 2 days of no electricity, no telephone signal, no warm water. A place to do nothing as just enjoy the nature, swim in the river and visit the nearby Mon village. I loved it but I was also happy to continue our trip to Ayutthaya where we did visit the world famous ancient temples from the time that Ayutthaya was the (second) capital of Thailand (formerly know as Siam).

Tourist Attractions in Lampang, Thailand
Horse carriage ride in Lampang
We did stay overnight here and the next day we continued our trip to Sukhothai, the first capital city of Thailand (Siam). We did stay 2 nights here so we had a full day to make a wonderful bicycle tour thru the country-side of Sukhothai to the ancient city of Sukhothai. Sorry I was too busy to make photos. After Sukhothai the last part of our trip did go to Chiang Mai, the rose of North Thailand. On the way we made a stop at the "Wat Phratat Luang Lampang" where nowadays is a big parking, souvenir shops and the famous horse carriage's from Lampang city. Later we passed the beautiful green rice-fields where local farmers were working. So we stopped and joined in for a moment. But not too much as working in the hot sun is not fun.

Our last stop before Chiang Mai was a local fresh market along the highway between Lampang and Chiang Mai. As it had been just raining there were a lot of mushrooms for sale, but also a lot of other herbs & food from the jungle. It was a nice trip that would suddenly end (for me) in Chiang Mai as I did fall while walking on the streets of Chiang Mai and had to be hospitalized. Hopefully in a few months I can travel again, because I am missing it.

Jungle Market

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster

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