The Phi Ta Kon Festival 2016 in Dan Sai

Phi Ta Kon Festival 2016 in Dan Sai, Thailand
Phi Ta Kon Festival 2016 in Dan Sai, Thailand
To start with it .... the Phi Ta Kon Festival in Dan Sai, Loei province is probably from Friday 10 June 2016 until Sunday 12 June 2016. I say probably because this festival is based on the lunar calendar and for that reason it is not every year on the same date. And the official announcement about when exactly it will be is always a bit late. It confirmed to be on 6, 7 and 8 July 2016!

Phi Ta Kon Festival? It is a kind of ghost festival that takes 3 full days. It is the most colourful festival of North-East Thailand. It consists of various parades and community events to celebrate and respect the spirits (ghosts) of the community. At the first day people pay respect to the river spirit, the second day small rockets are fired to the skies to ask for rain. And the last day people are listing to Buddhist sermons from monks. The highlight of this festival is the parade that goes thru the small city of Dan Sai. If you want to go there you should make hotel reservations far in advance as it is a very popular festival in Thailand and all hotels in the all province will be fully booked.

Hotels in Dan Sai itself
Phu Nacome Resort .... best hotel in town
Mountain Green Resort .... with stunning sunset view
Loei Pan Mile Resort .... love small resort in town

Hotels in Loei city
Loei Palace Hotel .... best hotel in Loei city
Muanmanee Boutique Hotel ..... new small hotel in town
King Hotel .... conveniently located in the city

Hotels in the area
Rung Yen Resort ..... located in the mountains