A long weekend at Tub Kaek beach in Krabi

Relax at Tub Kaek beach in Krabi, Thailand

In 2016 we did travel for a few days to Tub Kaek beach in Krabi, South Thailand. Although I have been almost all over Thailand in the past 30 years, I have never been in Krabi. Somehow I always managed to pass it. Although I have been to Phuket and some the famous islands. Actually it must be more as 10 years ago that I did go more south as Hua Hin. Living in the heart of North-East Thailand we first took an Air Asia flight to Don Muang Airport (Bangkok) and then a Thai Lion Air flight to Krabi Airport. From there we took a taxi to our hotel at Tub Kaek beach. The beach is along a dead-end road and has only 4 resorts and 1 restaurant. And the all beach is a bit upscale in prices. And be aware that there is nothing nearby. No 7/11, no other restaurants, no other hotels, no public transport. But for us that was wisely chosen for exactly that reason. We did stay at Tub Kaek Sunset Beach Resort, The 3 other resorts are Amari Vogue (with a great restaurant "Belinni"), The Tub Kaek Boutique Resort (with our favourite restaurant) and Anyavee Tub Kaek Beach Resort. Following are more photos and text.

Tuk Kaek Beach Resort in Krabi, South Thailand

We loved the beach and our resort. We had a few time lunch or dinner at "Tub Kaek Seafood Restaurant" and at the restaurant of "Tub Kaek Boutique Resort". We made a half-day boat trip to the islands and made an afternoon/evening trip to Ao Nang where we had dinner at "Wang Sai Seafood Restaurant" (very good!). As said Tub Kaek Beach is not a cheap area to stay. The resorts are not cheap, the food is expensive (for Thai standards) and to go anywhere you will need taxi or your own transport. And if you are looking for nightlife ... forget it at Tub Kaek Beach!

How to get there?

There is no public transport, so your will need your own transport or a taxi. The beach is 45 km from Krabi airport and a normal taxi costs 800 Thai baht one-way for max. 3 people with luggage. A mini-van for max. 8 people with luggage costs 1.200 Thai baht. A taxi to Ao Nang beach costs 600 Thai baht one-way.

View from our breakfast table

Sunset seen from the resort

Beach in front of the resort

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster

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