Meeting The Grand Old Lady of Phayao after many years

Traveling in North Thailand

It seems that indeed The Grand Old Lady of Phayao is granted a second chance in her life. Or probably a 9th of 10th new life. The roof has been totally renewed and it looks like her all skin is face-lifted. That all must costs many MB (million Thai baht). I did just read (Thanks Auke) that this house is supposed to be build in 1922 and bears the name Suthaphat House. And I did add 2 more photos of what I call The Grand Old Lady of Phayao. Photo above was taken in 2016.

When visiting this location be aware that it is private property and normally not open to the public. Entering the house would be trespassing!

Update : Recently I did find photos of the renovation. Have a look at the newer posting HERE

Traveling in North Thailand
Photo probably taken mid 2016

Photo taken in 2012

Photo I found on internet

Photo must be taken between 2012 and 2015

Photo probably take in 2004

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