Visiting the Wat Jomsa Van in Phrae

The Wat Jomsa Van in Phrae - Thailand

In 2018 we made a small trip to Phrae and did visit the Wat Jomsa Van, also written as Wat Chom Sawan, located a bit on the outskirts of Phrae town. This temple is very different as the temples you might have seen in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. The Wat Jomsa Van was build in 1857 (and rebuild in 1936) in Burmese Shan style and has a beautiful interior. Entrance is free but a donation is appreciated. There is free parking and in front of the temple (outside the temple gates) is an amulet market where you will see old man talking about the beauty & power of their amulets. On the left side of the temple you will see beautiful old Chedi.

Old Chedi at the Wat Chom Sawan in Phrae, North Thailand
Old chedi next to the temple

The amulet market

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