One of those This Is Thailand days

People living in Thailand use an expression TIT or This Is Thailand. A way of expression of all the weird things that are going on in Thailand that "can not" be changed. Well yesterday was one of those days.

I have an Toyota car and that needs a service check, so I went to the local Toyota dealer in Nan. I had an appointment and arrived at 10:30 and was welcomed friendly. And brought to the counter in the office. Here I was given an proforma invoice to explain the costs. Total costs would be about 7.200 Thai baht. The proforma invoice is of course in Thai and I can not read Thai. My mistake.

But first of all I did find the total price a bit high in compare to the costs I had paid in the past times. And secondly I could see very quick that adding up the numbers I would never get to the total. So how did they get to that total?

Well after some explanation I did understand that they print the price of 1 liter oil, but you need 6 liters of oil. So you need to multiply that price, but that is not printed on the proforma invoice. Well indeed if you would do that with all the numbers that needed multiplying then you would indeed end up at the total. So OK.

So at 10:45 they started working at my car. And at 12:00 o'clock they told me that the all company goes for lunch and that my car will be finished between 14:00 and 15:00. What? I have to sit and wait here 2 or 3 hours because all the staff is going to have lunch?

At about 13:45 my car was finished and they asked me to come to the counter again to pay. And sign a paper that I did receive my car in good order. Really? I did not receive my car at all yet. So I not sign anything. The manager and me went to the car and I was told everything that was changed. OK looks OK. And in the car were all the bottles of things used.

So I went back to the office to pay. And I was given the real invoice. For some reason I was getting 50% discount on the 6 liter of engine oil. So the total price became 6.700 Thai baht. Still expensive! And they did not change the air-filter but just cleaned it. So I started to check the real invoice. And to my surprise I did see 3 items on it that I did not order and I was never told about. Performance oils that are added to the engine oil and gear oil. Total costs for that was 1.355 Thai baht.

Reaction of the manager "Did they not tell you before?" ... No they did not. "O sorry". No offer of refund of things I did not order and would never buy myself. As I was in a killing mood I just paid and did leave the dealership with the promise never to return here.

Once at home I did check the old bottles I had in my car.
* Only 2 bottles of performance oil .... while I paid for 3!
* A bottle for Oil for Automatic gear .... while I have an Manual gear!
  (and yes this oil is also on the invoice)
* Missing some bottles of fluid that are said to be replaced!
* Why is the proforma invoice less detailed as the real invoice?

I think I will be going back to that dealership to have some questions and answers!