Train stations in Thailand, next station Ayuthaya

Train Stations in Thailand

In 2016 I was in Ayuthaya and made some photos of this lovely old train station. In the evening we took the night train to Chiang Mai. The train station at Ayuthaya is actually a lovely building, although I am sure that most people did not see that. I love traveling by train in Thailand! Relaxed and it gives you the real & true feeling of traveling. If you like old Thai train stations then hurry up and visit them all as modernisation is destroying beautiful history! This beautiful train station was build in 1917 and named Krung Kao (the old city). In 1921 it was rebuild to what we see today and named Ayuthaya Station. This station serves both the Northern Line as the North-East Line. But what will be the future of this train station? As there will be double-track and/or high speed trains to Chiang Mai and also to Nong Khai, what will happen with this station? It seems that luckily there are people who want to keep it. 

Update 2021 : Until now on Google Satellite it does not show any construction work going on in or near Ayuthaya.

Ayuthaya train station,Thailand

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