Memories of the Chao Madwadee House in Nan town

Nan Memories at the Cao Madwadee House in Nan, Thailand
Oldest photo, source & date unknown
Nan Memories to show you old photos of Nan province and to try to reproduce this photos now. An old photo of an private residence in Nan city. Currently behind a house along the street behind the Therawat Hotel. The house is supposed to be 120 years old and it is still a private residence (not open to the public). The information comes from Preaw (Thai language only). The link was provided by Lada. When I have more information or photos I will update this posting. For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan.
A slightly newer photo of The Chao Madwadee House in Nan, Thailand
Photo of The Chao Madwadee House nowadays (2018)