On the motorbike from Nan to Chiang Mai

View over Kwan Phayao

Last week I made a wonderful motorbike trip from Nan to Chiang Mai. My trip started as usually in the very early morning and from Nan I took route 1091 in direction of Phayao. This route goes thru beautiful mountains. I did pass Ban Luang and just before Chiang Muan there is a T-section where I took a right in direction of Pong. I still keep following route 1091 for about 10km and then take a left to route 1251 in direction of Phayao. Keep on following route 1251 until you get again at a T-section with route 1021. Take a left in direction of Phayao. I did skip Phayao this time, so at the intersection with route 1 I took a left for a few km and after a few km I took a right in direction of Chiang Mai via route 120. This route goes again thru beautiful mountains. Route 120 end with a T-section of route 118. Take a left in direction of Chiang Mai. The last 20km of route 118 gets busy and is unpleasant to ride.

Stops along the way?
  • Along route 1091 a bit before Chiang Muan is a gasoline station with toilet.
  • Along route 1091 just after Chiang Muan is a coffee shop
  • Along route 1 just before you take a right to route 120 is an PTT gasoline station (on the other side)
  • Along route 120 is a coffee shop with a great view over the valley of Phayao
  • Along route 118 (a few km after you start riding route 118) is a PTT gasoline station
I did plan to stay 1 night in Chiang Mai and did stay at Mandala House (not recommended) in the old quarter. But the next day it was raining all day so I did stay a second day (in another hotel). So again I left very early and this time I took the fast route home. From Chiang Mai via route 11 to Lampang. From Lampang in direction of Phrae & Den Chai also via route 11. But I took a short-cut route to Phrae via route 1023 in direction of Long. This is a nice scenic route. From Phrae I took route 101 to Nan. 

Stops along the way?
  • All along the way are PTT gasoline stations with good toilets, 7/11, Amazon Coffee Shop, Food court. 
  • Along route 1023 is a lovely restaurant & coffee shop. I would say about 10km after you start riding route 1023. There are signs for it.
  • Along route 101 just before Rong Kwang is a PTT gasoline station
Google Streetview of the restaurant along route 1023
From Nan to Chiang mai
From Chiang Mai to Nan