Arriving at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok

Arriving at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok
Arriving at Don Muang Airport (DMK) in Bangkok

So you arrived at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok and are getting your luggage at one of the belts? I was heading to downtown Bangkok and needed a taxi. As I thought it might be handy for some people I made photos. So you can follow it a bit when you arrive there first time. You did come from upstairs, where in the old days was the immigration. Well you walk to the exit gate and take a left turn. And then?

Walking to the taxis at Don Muang Airport, Thailand

Well just follow the signs "TAXI" and you will be passing also some counters for private limo service or bus services.

Keep on walking straight ahead and keep on following the signs "TAXI"

At the end you will enter a sliding door, keep on going and turn left after the doors.

After the sliding doors you are going thru a bit old hallway, take a turn to the right at the end.

Then you will enter the taxi lounge and waiting area. A lady at the sliding doors will give you a que number.

In the taxi lounge are display with the que numbers and 6 counters.

When it your turn walk to the counter and tell the lady where you want to go. The lady speaks English (and maybe Chinese). You will be given an printed slip with the taxi-number. The taxi driver will walk with you from the counter to the taxi. The taxi MUST use the taxi-meter. All this service costs you 50 Thai baht extra. You pay this to the driver at the end of the trip. The taxi-driver will ask you if you want to use the toll-way. You will have to pay for this. It costs about 120 Thai baht but it is much faster. So take the toll-way. A taxi ride to Sukhumvit will cost about 200 Thai baht + 50 Thai baht + Toll-way = about 370 Thai baht. A taxi can have 1 to 4 persons, depending on the luggage and what taxi model. You can request SUV taxi.