On the motorbike riding to Nanthaburi National Park in Nan province

Motorbike Riding in Thailand

Motorbike trip 2017. With the good weather of yesterday in mind I started this morning for a short and early morning motorbike ride to Nanthaburi National Park in Nan, North Thailand. My first stop was the PTT Gasoline station in Tha Wang Pha to fill up my motorbike and buy some breakfast for myself to eat later somewhere in the mountains. From Tha Wang Pha I took the long way home to Nanthaburi National Park. But as the last 3 km from the main-road to the National Park is a dirt-track that now did look like a mud-track I did skipped the National Park and went straight to Ban Sop Khun. For more motorbike trip reports see Motorbike Trip Reports. For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Ban Sop Khun is a hill-tribe village in a valley bordering Nan & Phayao province and the village is the end of the road. From  Tha Wang Pha to here was only 50km, thru green lush jungle with small and twisty roads. And with fog and clouds hanging over the mountains (this should have been a warning).

After breakfast in a sala along the road I headed back home and seeing other people coming with rain-jackets should have been another warning. But well I ignored the little bit rain and fog, although I have a good rain-jacket with me. But when crossing the mountain and going down on the other side it really started to rain. Within 1min I was 50% soaked! But well riding a steep, twisty road in the rain and fog was not a good moment to stop and put on my rain-jacket. So I continued another 15min until I was almost all the way down and then did put on my rain-jacket. Riding in the rain and fog is a bit shitty, not much view. So from Tha Wang Pha I did ride directly home sweet home to have a hot choco and dry cloths. But it was a nice ride!

On the motorbike riding to Nanthaburi National Park in Nan - Thailand

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