An ordinary day in Thailand

An ordinary day of living in Thailand. And no the photo above has nothing to do with this posting, I just like this photo that I made in the village where I have been living the past 2 years. Living in Thailand sound exciting but after more as 15 years life becomes almost are ordinary as anywhere else. But life is indeed different. And some people are sometimes complaining about the way things work in Thailand. But today was one of that days that did proof that a lot has been changing in the past 15 years in Thailand. What?

Well today was the day to pay tax and get new insurances for our motorbikes. In my home country that would all go full automatic and it would be bloody expensive. Not here in Thailand. My wife's motorbike is now 8 years old and need to be tested every year. For this we go to a small testing company about 500m from our house. The testing took about 5 minutes time and did cost 60 Thai baht. I think breaks and emission are tested. My motorbike is 4 years old now and does not yet have to be tested yearly. So after that we went to the Department of Land Transport (DLT) what is also about 500m from our house. To be able to pay tax you need to have compulsory insurance. And very conveniently you can buy that at the DLT office. You go to a desk with a sales lady and give her your old insurance papers + the registration book of the motorbike (called the green book). My wife's bike is only 110cc and insurance costs 360 Thai baht. My motorbike is 250cc and insurance costs 600 Thai baht. Just wait 5 minutes and you get back your motorbike registration book and the new insurance papers. Plus and note of proof of insurance for the DLT. Then you go to one of the counters of the DLT. Here upcountry in Nan it is never busy. You put all your papers in a box on the desk and wait for your name to be called. Waiting just a few minutes and we could pay for the road tax. Both motorbikes this did costs 101 Thai baht. You will get a invoice and a sticker for proof of tax. This sticker needs to be attached to the motorbike.

After that we went to the Yamaha dealer in town to check the motorbike from my wife. It was starting very bad since a month. Probably cause the battery, so we had that replaced. And the chain was to loose, so we had that adjusted. And I had the idea that the air-filter was dirty. So the mechanic openend the air-filter box to see that the air-filter has almost totally disintegrated. Unfortunately they had no new air-filter in stock. But Thai people are clever with finding solutions, so the air-filter of another motorbike was used and a bit adjusted to fit our motorbike. Total costs 670 Thai baht and it took us about 30min. But as there is a good Kai Yang food-stall in front of the Yamaha dealer we did spend that time having lunch.

Yes things go different in Thailand.

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster

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