Safety and change of law (enforcement)

Accident on the road in Thailand

I am now living in Thailand for more as 15 years and while reading the English language Thai newspapers and experiencing Thai traffic you learn that there is another side of the always Thai smile. That actually a lot of people die on the road due to stupid accidents on the road and due to even more stupid macho gun behaviour. And we can all discuss what the root problem is, and what should be done to change the root problem, but in the meanwhile things (the law and law enforcement) have to change to at least seriously try to lower that number of deaths in Thailand (as of deaths in traffic Thailand stands within the top of the world). Why? Well first of all because YOU or your beloved one (wife / husband / child / father or mother) could be victim of it. Secondly because it is a huge economic burden on the Thai society.

Now if this is discussed with foreigners living here the replies are like, "If you not like it here go back to your home country", "It is their way of life that you / we not understand", "I like it without all the rules" or "It will become like a Europe". Well how selfish to reply like that to such a very serious problem. Daily thousands of people are killed and hurt by accidents on the roads. Daily people are killed by idiots with guns because they can not control their anger. "You did look at my girl, I kill you". Not just a threat but drunk boy pulls out a gun and just shoots someone in the middle of a pub.

So yes I am in favour of
  • Total overhaul of the traffic law but with interaction of all sides.
  • Much tougher laws against speeding, drunk driving and dangerous road behaviour.
  • Laws against false advertisement of the use of cars and motorbikes as race machines.
  • Total overhaul of the way roads are designed, build and maintained.
  • Total overhaul of the law enforcement.
The pickup truck is the most used car. And the name says it correct .... TRUCK. Not a racing car or a off-road car. It is a utility vehicle! But that is not what the manufactures make you believe. Or what the famous soaps on TV make you believe. Daily you can see on TV the soap movies where the use of guns if glorified. As well as the abuse of females but that is another typically error of the society. 

Drunk driving seems accepted in Thai society as "Up to you". Someone at a bar will drink himself / herself totally drunk while everybody knows that he/she will drive home totally drunk. And no it is not "Up to you" because he/she could run over someone on a motorbike and kill that person. In my personal experience I know of 3 of those deadly accidents where a drunk driver killed a motorbike rider. What do I see as first things that could help reduce the deaths in traffic?
  • Law enforcement on wearing a helmet, having a driver license and having insurance.
  • Reduced speed limits within cities and have law enforcement on it.
  • Stricter law enforcement on speeding on highways and on drunk driving. Including tougher laws on it.
  • Introduction of a driver license for big bikes and higher min. age for big bikes.
  • Introduction of cheaper lower cc scooters (max. 70cc). In this way in the long run phasing out the 200cc scooters used by school kids.
  • Law against the sale of shit helmets.
  • Law that with the sale of a scooter / motorbike there has be given free a good helmet.
  • Better training to get a driver license (motor and car). Maybe force people to spend a few days at ER of a hospital. Not only technical better training but also social. The latter should start at home, in school and in the temple.
  • Law for min. age (21) of driving high speed cars.
  • Law against using the back of pickup trucks for passengers. But then also offer better public transport.
  • Better law enforcement of overloading of trucks or any transport on the road.
  • Better checks on the safety systems of cars, motorbikes, busses and trucks.

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