The cons of living upcountry

Villa Market in Pattaya, Thailand
For me there are many pros of living upcountry in Nan, North Thailand. Like the mountains, the rivers, the green rice fields and the old small villages. But as you did see in the past postings I have been a few days in Pattaya. And for me Pattaya is exactly the opposite .... a dirty, concrete jungle of roads, buildings, cars and many people. But there are few things that I am missing in upcountry Nan in the mountains of North Thailand. Good international food. So we went to an for us known Italian restaurant along the beach road of Pattaya. That was a bit of a disappointment as the service did go down as well as the quality of the food. Only thing going up was the price.

The next day, while my wife was eating Som Tam with friends, I went to Villa Market. My favourite supermarket for international food & drinks. So I bought a few bottles of wine and some other strong stuff that I can not buy in Nan. And I bought some lovely French baguette and Dutch cheese. And while walking there at Villa Market I thought "Wow, nice selection of beef, good selection of wine and other drinks, nice cheeses, tasty bread and delicious parma ham". When living upcountry you start to think it is normal that you can not buy all that kind of things. Mind you when I started to be living in Thailand that was indeed normal. But nowadays in many big cities you can buy all that stuff. Except in Nan .... while we have a Makro, BigC and Tesco-Lotus. So I will still have to do my shopping when I am in Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Pattaya.

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster

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