The pros & cons of living between rice fields in Thailand

So we are living now right in between rice field, no neighbours. The nearest neighbours are a temple 300 m to the left, a temple 500 m in front and a few houses 300 m to the right. And of course my wife (and friends) did warn us (and especially me) about living between the rice fields. The pros are simple .... I love country life and even in the dry season it looks great. But of course there are a few disadvantages :
  • In the dry season the farmers will burn the left over of the crops. Now here locally not everybody is doing the burning and they burn quick & reasonable clean. But still you better close your windows!
  • When farming rice or other crops the farmers will use all kind of chemicals. Again locally here not everybody is using chemicals or only a little bit. Unfortunately one of our direct neighbours farmer is using a lot of chemicals (but only a small plot of land).
  • In the raining season you will hear frogs (1000's) doing a live concert at night. Good we have a reasonable sound proof bedroom.
  • In the raining season you will have flies, a lot of flies. The kind of flies that loose there wings after the rain and leave a total mess. With a bit of luck they manage to get thru the mosquito screening! 
  • Living upcountry we have Checko's (Tuk Kae but they are until now only outside), Chin Chok's (living already inside the house) and weird also cockroach's. The latter I find weird as our house is very clean, so maybe they are living here since the construction of the house and we should gas them out.
  • Right next to us is a small farm with 2 cows. They stay about 15m from our house (no windows on that side). No problem, except during a big rain. You will smell the cow shit. And my wife has a very good working nose.
  • Some farmers have no concept of the word privacy, well actually only 1 couple. They just walk on / over our land when we are home or not at home. Yesterday we come home and hear the waterpump working, this guy had just walked on our land and is using our water to fill a small water-tank for spraying chemicals! What the heck he thinks we did build a fence for!
  • Another farmer did find a snake already, about 2 meter long! This was happily turned into dinner but I hope we will not have them in our house or our land.
  • In the rice season the rice fields around us are filled with water and will not only have frogs but also craps. And they will also be walking over our land. Our dog loves it!
And one more thing, but it has nothing to do with farmers or rice fields. And you get used to it .... but on the left is a temple and in front is a temple. And monks wake-up early, very early! And to help them wake-up one monk hits a bell for about 5-min ..... at 5 o'clock in the morning (or actually night). And at the other temple a monk hits a drum (but only a few times). You get used to it and after 2 weeks I do not hear it anymore. They also do this at 5 o'clock in the afternoon as sign that it is time to eat.


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