Staying at Pha Tang Meihua Resort at Doi Pha Tang

Room at Pha Tang Meihua Resort at Doi Pha Tang in North Thailand
Sunset seen from my room

Stunning location! I did stay here 1 night in November 2019 and I loved it! And as usual I always write a short review of all places I stay, now 259 Hotels, Homestay's and Guesthouses in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Have a look at Accommodation where I did stay. I have been a few times at Doi Pha Tang but did never stay overnight there. And I always passed this hotel of what I thought should have a stunning sunset view. So this time I did stay here. OK the rooms are a bit old but nicely & recently renovated. All rooms have private balcony with stunning sunset view. And all rooms have a private bathroom with toilet, shower with hot water. In the room is a fridge and free drinking water. The hotel has a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But breakfast is served at 8:00am, what is a bit late for me so I left before breakfast. The room is a bit overpriced but it is all about location and as said the location is stunning. Staff speaks a little bit English and is very friendly. If you want to stay in this area I would highly recommend this place. For more information see their Facebook page at Pha Tang Meihua Resort. Following are a few photos from their facebook page (all representing reality).

Accommodation in Doi Pha Tang, Chiang Rai province, North Thailand
Sunset seen from the restaurant

Accommodation at Doi Pha Tang, North Thailand
View from my room

Accommodation at Doi Pha Tang, North Thailand
Looks exactly like my room


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