About Giant Bamboo in Nan province

Nan is famous for its giant bamboo, giant like the size of a huge tree. And there are actually 2 places where you can see a forest of giant bamboo trees. The first place is along the route 4002 to Nanthaburi National Park (70 km north of Nan town), the second place is near Ban Nam Ngao (30 km north of Nan town). Both places can be visited all year around, daily from 8:00 - 17:00.

There is no public transport to this places, so you will need your own transport. For both places just follow route 101 north in direction of Tha Wang Pha. For the second place turn at left Ban Praiwan (about 3km before Nan Riverside Art Galley). Follow that road to Ban Nam Ngao. You will see signs for it. For the first place keep on following route 101 to Tha Wang Pha, turn left for route 1148 and the follow the signs for Nanthaburi National Park. Along the road you will see signs for the Giant Bamboo Forest. Or book a tour with Go Nan Tours.


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