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Nan province is motorbike touring heaven, not only the route going to Nan but also within Nan province. So once you are in Nan it would be a great idea to rent a scooter or motorbike. Unfortunately there are very limited big motorbikes for rent in Nan province. So it are all 125 & 150 scooters. Some guesthouses or hotels do rent scooters but luckily there are now also a few shops that have started renting out motorbikes & scooters. A little warning before you are going to rent. 

The law about riding a motorbike in Thailand

For riding any scooter or motorbike in Thailand you will need to have a motorbike driver-license. Not that the rental company will ask for it but if you do not have a motorbike driver-licsense you might have 2 problems. First of all police could stop & fine you. Secondly your travel-insurance might not be valid in case of accident. Also be aware that most scooters & motorbikes do not have a full-insurance. They will only have a simple third-party insurance. That means that ALL costs in case of accident are YOURS. That means damages to the motorbike, to other vehicles, to yourself and to other people.

Safety & riding motorbike in Thailand

The traffic in Nan province is not busy so it is relatively easy to ride motorbike here. And most of the roads are good. But the other drivers on the road are not so carefully as you, so always watch out for muppets on the road. And to protect yourself in case of accident ALWAYS were protective cloths like a good jeans, real shoes and some kind of jacket. Protect your skin against asfalt! If you are planning riding long in Thailand just buy your own good helmet as probably the rental company only has shitty helmets. Supermarkets like Big C and Tesco-Lotus are selling helmets.

In Nan town

1. Tono Car & Motorbike Rent in Nan 

Tono mostly rents scooter & small off-road motorbikes.
Location : Behind the bus station in Nan town
Facebook : Tono Car & Motorbike Rent

2. Nan Hi Motorcycle Rental in Nan

Location :A small shop near the bus terminal renting out scooters only.
Facebook :

In Pua town

1. Motorbike Rental 1 

This shop does sale & rental of scooters.
Location : Along the road between the T-intersection at route 101 and the round-about in Pua town. 

2. Motorbike Rental 2

This shop does sale & rental of scooters.
Location : Along route 101 opposite Tesco-Lotus

3. Motorbike Rental 3

Looks like renting new bikes.
Location : On the corner of the street going to the bus-station.

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