About Nan International Folk Culture Festival in Nan town

The Nan International Folk Culture Festival aims to present some of the many ways that Nan culture is interlinked with that of its neighbours in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. The highlights will be cultural performances from China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Lao as well as Thailand. There will be a showcase of the special ‘Pooja’ drum which is unique to the local Nan people. Other activities include cultural exhibitions, booths selling local products, seminars and lectures on Nan’s cultural heritage, knowledge exchanges about the culture, art and crafts of Nan and neighbouring countries. This festival is the first time held at 1 July 2017 (and will be held every year) near the Wat Phumin in Nan town. For more information about Nan province have a look at Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Festivals in Nan province, North Thailand
Whispering mural of Wat Phumin in Nan town, North Thailand


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