About Tham Pha Phueng near Ban Manipruek

Tham means cave and the Tham Pha Phueng is said to be the deepest cave of Thailand, a bit difficult to find as there are no signs and the entrance is not really taken care off. A cave with a very impressive entrance, about 20 meters wide for 20 meters high, at the base of a rock more than 50 meters high. A stream accompanies you inside the cave, then falls into the subsoil. In the cave, after a 25 meters downhill, you can walk inside for about 300 meters, with caution. In the area are many other caves, like Tham Phu Hua Lan, Tham Ho Ying, Tham Ho Chai, Tham Champi, Tham Pha Daeng, Tham Nam Dan. For more information about Nan province have a look at Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Warning about Tham Pha Phueng

Be aware that there is no light in the cave, no maps, nothing to guide you. If you go inside you should get a local ranger to guide you! Never go alone into caves! Best to be visited during the cool season and dry season, from November to May. Do not enter any cave during the raining season!

Where to go?

Near Ban Manipruek (about 80 km north of Nan town), along route 4017. The entrance is a 5min walk from the road.

How to get to Tham Pha Phueng?

Best with your own transport. Follow route 101 to Pua and Thung Chang. A few km after Chiang Klang you will see signs to Manipruek.

Location of Tham Pha Phueng


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