About Tham Sakoen National Park in Nan province

The name of Tham Sakoen National Park refers to Tham what means cave in Thai. The park stretches out over the border area of Nan & Phayao province, but the entrance is luckily in Nan province. Besides caves there is a pristine looking jungle and within the park are 2 beautiful waterfalls. Tham Sakoen National Park is along route 1148 between Tha Wang Pha and Chiang Kham, about 70 km west of Tha Wang Pha. The name of this National Park is sometimes also written as Tham Sa Koen. For other National Parks in Nan province click on National Parks & Caves in Nan Province. For more information about Nan province have a look at Destination Travel Guide Nan.

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At Tham Sakoen National Park are 2 main caves, the first one is actually before the entrance gate. But this one is very difficult to reach, you will have to walk / climb up a mountain for about 400m. The other cave is along a Natural Walking Trail that starts behind the entrance gate. It is 800m walking to the cave. The cave is not so big and there is not light. So take your own light with you. You can not get lost so you can easily visit this cave alone. The trail is reasonable good to follow and there are signs, even in English. That said it is still a jungle and there is some climbing. Not a good idea to do in the raining season.

At Tham Sakoen National Park you have to pay entrance fee, 20 baht for Thai and 100 baht for foreigners. But foreigners showing they are living in Thailand can get in for the Thai price. Entrance fee for the car is also 20 baht.

How to get to Tham Sakoen National Park?

There is no public transport going there, although you could take the bus from Nan to Chiang Rai and get off at Ban Sakoen. But then you would still have to travel a few km's to Tham Sakoen National Park.

By private car or motorbike from Nan town follow route 101 to Tha Wang Pha, then take a left to route 1148 to Chiang Rai. Keep on following route 1148 for about 65 km, you will see signs for Tham Sakoen National Park. At Ban Sakoen you go to the right and follow the road for a few km.

Warning about caves

It is easily to get lost in caves and during rain some caves can get flooded so NEVER go alone in any cave. If any serious cave take a local guide with you, at National Parks there are always park rangers to assist you.

Location of Tham Sakoen National Park

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