About the Wat Si Phan Ton in Nan town

Temples in Nan, North Thailand
Entrance of Wat Si Phan Ton in Nan town, North Thailand

The Wat Si Phan Ton, also called The Golden Temple, is a beautiful temple as the name suggest covered in gold colour. And indeed it looks like every little part of the temple is golden sculpture. Great place to make photos. And next to the entrance gate is showed one of the famous longboats used with the Nan Long Boat Racing. In the evening the temple is illuminated in a sea of light and makes a beautiful sight. This temple is include in the tour with Electric Trolley or Samlor. For more information about Nan province have a look at Destination Travel Guide Nan.

When to go to the Wat Si Phan Ton?

All year around, daily from 7:00 to 18:00, entrance is free.

Where to go?

The Wat Si Phan Ton is just at the outskirts of the Historical Center of Nan town, located at the intersection when you are driving into Nan town coming from Phrae.


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