Day 6 of voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

Living in Thailand

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. I started this StayHome thread on 22 March 2020 but since 15 March 2020 we are in a kind of self chosen isolation, we only go to town for shopping. This is Day 6 at 27 March 2020, but as I write this in the early morning it is actually about yesterday. Photo above was taken near our house, just after last rice harvest.

As far as I understand the situation at the moment in Thailand is that all non-essential travel is not recommended. All non-essential business are closed. All borders are closed, except for essential travel. Numbers of COV19 are rising, number of deaths is still 4 (but 12 cases marked as severe). Number of discharged cases is slowly going up (in China 90% of hospitalised cases are discharged now after about 3 months). In the meanwhile more and more hotels are closing temporarily, something I think should have been done at least a month ago already. We closed our homestay begin February 2020 already until 30 May. But the latter will be extended soon.

In the meanwhile the US AQI is 108 here with a PM2.5 of 38.2 µg/m3. So if the virus is not going to kill us then in the longrun the bad air will. Awaiting the raining season! For postings about air quality in Thailand click AQI (Air Quality Index).

So what did we do yesterday?

We always wake-up early, between 5:30am and 6:00am. Have a chat with the dog and switch off the lights in the garden. Go back inside as the air is not really fresh. Make a cup of tea and read the news on my laptop, read emails and play a bit on facebook. As of the latter I had the idea to create my own memory lane with photos of traveling in South East Asia. I started in 1991 and today I uploaded photos of 1997. Still before breakfast my wife waters the garden as it has not been raining for months (well in between it did rain 3 days).

At about 8:00am it is time for breakfast, most times musli with yogurt and some fresh fruit from the garden (like papaya or banana). I have a small stock of musli & yoghurt. The latter I maybe should try to make at home. My wife eats other kind of breakfast of course, Thai style rice with vegetables.

After breakfast my wife decided that my hair was too long. And as she has been a hairdresser she always cuts my hair herself at home.  So after my hair cut and a nice fresh shower I started to do some research in Air Purifiers, as also inside the house the air is not good. Basically an Air Purifier is a good filter and a ventilator. Actually surprising that Air Conditionings do not have better filters to block PM2.5 particulars. So finally I ordered one from Lazada. Yes a bit weird moment to order things. But the machine is made in Thailand and the order is Fulfilled by Lazada. This should ensure delivery within 2 to 9 days. And payment is on delivery. So what could go wrong? I will keep you updated about this.

At about 12:00am it is time for lunch. If I eat musli in the morning then I eat bread at lunch time. So it was bread yesterday. Bread with jam and bread with cheese I bought the last time at BigC in Nan town. But we are not planning a trip to Nan town in the near future. So soon the cheese will be finished. In afternoon is time for playing on internet for me and watching TV for my wife. Would the air be better we would be sitting outside and play with the dog. Or ride the bicycle or make a small ride with the motorbike.

In the late afternoon my wife did go to a local fresh market in the village. This is a very small market with only 4 shops and only the local village people come here. Of course she wearing a face-mask, not only against the bloody virus but also because of the bad air. And she did stop at the local shop to buy some beer. Normally she would buy only for 1 day, but now she did buy for 3 days. Yes, she likes to drink a beer in the evening. Coming home she washes her hands and face.

Since a few days we have in the afternoon a lot of wind, that is OK as it blows away a bit the bad air. But still you can smell the fire from the mountains. And yesterday there was a smart person who needed to burn something about 300m from our house.

At about 18:00 it is time for dinner, Thai style with rice and for me Vegetable Soup. We always sit on our balcony, together with the dog. And we eat all 3 of us. After dinner we sit outside and enjoy the bit cooler weather and the little bit better air. Most times we go to sleep between 20:00 and 21:00.


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