Day 8 of Voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

Living in Thailand
View over the mountains of Doi Phu Kha in Pua, North Thailand on 23 March 2020

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. I started this StayHome thread on 22 March 2020 but since 15 March 2020 we are in a kind of self chosen isolation, we only go to town for shopping. This is Day 8 at 29 March 2020. Photo above was made at 23 March 2020 on 8:00am. Do you see the mountains of Doi Phu Kha? Well me neither. Have a look at the photo below to see what you could see 2 days earlier. That photo was taken on 21 March 2020 on 10:00am. Here you can see at least the first mountains, while on a good clear day you will be able to see 3 more mountains behind that! Thanks to lack of law enforcement, lack of education, greed and just plane stupidity people keep on burning remains of harvests, garbage and whatever is in the way. We can see the mountains burning, we can smell the smoke from small fires nearby. Local people are in the long term killing themselves, their family and beloved ones. Humans are weird creatures!

So we now have a US AQI of 120 (Unhealthy for sensitive people) with an pm2.5 of 43.2 µg/m3 (where above 25 is unhealthy). So we stay mostly in our house and I did order an Air Purifier via Lazada. It is now on the way from Bangkok to Nan. I hope it makes it thru all the check-points! For postings about air quality in Thailand click AQI (Air Quality Index).

But how about the voluntary self isolation?

Well I will not bore you to death with the same story of last time. Yesterday we did give water to the flowers in the garden of friends who are now locked in Belgium, did get some cash money and did some shopping at the 7-11. For the rest we stay in our comfortable house with TV, internet, a huge fridge with huge freezer, bedroom with air-conditioning and a small stock of water & food. Yes, even in this crazy times we are living a comfortable privileged life. And not least because of the opportunities I've been given in life.

In the meanwhile the lockdown in Thailand continues to be stronger. Air Asia canceled also all its domestic flights, so no more flights to/from Nan. Some local & national bus companies are cancelling all their routes. All banks in Thailand will be closed this weekend. Yes the government was so clever to give people a hand-out of 5.000 Thai baht. But to get this they have to open a bank account. In some places are now curfews from 17:00 to 24:00, but as far as I understand not (yet) in Nan province. Inter-provincial traveling is being checked and only for essential traveling. Officially there are no COV19 cases yet in Nan province. And I saw on Facebook that some people are asking the governor of Nan province to totally close Nan province.

Living in Thailand
View over the mountains of Doi Phu Kha in Pua, North Thailand on 21 March 2020


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