Day 2 of voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

Living in Thailand

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. Photo above was made this morning on 23 March 2020 when there was an US Air Quality Index of 112 and a pm2.5 level of 40.2 µg/m3. Since about 15 March we are in a kind of self chosen social isolation, we only go to town for shopping. So we enjoy each other 24/hr per day, look TV, play Facebook, chat via WhatApp, Line and Messenger with friends all over the world. And we did some shopping to create an emergency stock with water, rice, pasta, soap, etc. In the meanwhile there are people who still think it all is just a bad flu and that the world is overreacting!

So what is happening in Nan province? Of course all information I now give you I have via Facebook friends in Nan. 
  • Huai Kon border is closed, only cargo transport is allowed to be passing after medical check.
  • Road blocks are set up at the only 3 entrance roads of Nan province. The idea is that all people are medically checked. This to try to prevent that sick people from Bangkok enter Nan province.
  • Party's and big events are all prohibited. And this is checked by local law enforcement and the village head. 
  • All nightlife and entertainment is closed and again this is checked by local law enforcement.
  • Some big fresh markets are closed.
  • Hospitals are setting up free COV19 tests for sick people.
  • Hospitals are preparing for many new patients.
  • At the entrance of supermarkets your temperature is checked and you have to clean your hands before coming inside. But your hands are on a trolley that has been used before?
  • At the airport arriving and departing people are checked for temperature.
  • At the bus-stations people are checked for temperature.
  • National Parks starting to close waterfalls etc.
  • Summer beach places are closed
  • Restaurants and hotels are closing
But here in our farmer village everything continues as normal. Farmers go out to take care their harvest. The small morning market is still operating as normal. The local village shop is still open. And as we are living in a house with a huge garden and no direct neighbours we can easily still go out to have a walk with the dog, water the garden or drink a beer along the small river nearby. In the morning it is not hot yet but in the afternoon it is bloody hot so I am very happy we have a cool comfortable house and good air-conditioning in our bedroom. We still buy things in the local village shop to support the village. Realising we are able to live a privileged life. But now imagine people who lost their job and have no financial reserve. How are they going to survive?

Normally we would go at least 3 times a week to our favourite Coffee Shop and have dinner or lunch in town at least 2 times a week. Once in the 2 weeks we would go shopping at BigC in Nan town. And we would meet some local friends for a drink. None of that already for 2 weeks now. And the real shit did not even start yet in Thailand. When we are going outside we are using a face-mask. When going into a shop we clean our hands with gel, when we are back we again clean our hands with gel. When we arrive at home we wash our hands. 

Bloody hell how did we get into this mess? Well personally I think we humans are greedy animals and for greed we totally fucked-up our food chain and abused all resources (air, water, earth and animals). This is pay-back time!


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