Lets go sightseeing in the Historical Centre of Nan town

Nan town is a small village town with a Historical Center as main attraction. While exploring the Historical Center you will see many old temples like the famous Wat Phumin but also some beautiful old wooden houses, small traditional Thai shops & restaurants. It is the prime destination in Nan town. The area is not so big, so it is easy to make a walking or bicycle tour passing all the famous places of the Historical Center. If you like a bit more comfort you can take a Samlor or the Electric Trolley. The latter 2 start at the Wat Phumin. This tour not only passes beautiful temples but also some historical teak-wooden houses from royal families of Nan and it is great way to explore Nan town. Almost all hotels provide bicycles (free or rental) to explore Nan town. The government of Nan town made a bicycle route in the Historical Center of town and DASTA made a bit bigger route that also includes other parts of Nan town. You could start anywhere along the route of course, but most people start at the Wat Phumin (number 1 on the map below). For more information about Nan province have a look at Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Sightseeing the Historical Center of Nan - Thailand

Lets go Walking

Ask you hotel for a map with the route, otherwise first go to the Wat Phumin and ask one at the Tourist Information Center opposite of the Wat Phumin.

Take a Bicycle

Most hotels will have bicycles (for free or rent), if not ask your hotel for the DASTA office. They provide also bicycles.

Relax at the Electric Trolley

The starting point of the tour is at the parking opposite the Wat Phumin, you can buy a ticket at the counter of the Tourist Information Center next to the parking. The tour will stop at places to give you time to make photos and explorer the sights. There will also be a guide with the tour giving explanation, but I am afraid only in Thai.
  • Public tour at 9:30, 10:30, 13:30 and 15:30, ticket costs 30 Thai baht per person (for children under the 12 or older people above 60 the ticket costs 15 Thai baht per person)
  • Private group tour at 8:30 and 14:30, costs 1.000 Thai baht for the all tram


The word samlor means "3 wheels" and it is a 3 wheel bicycle taxi with the driver in front. Near the Wat Phumin are always some samlors awaiting customers, they can drive you around the same route as the electric tram. Of course they can also make other trips on request. Max. 2 people per samlor and you will have to agree a price before leaving.

When to go?

All year of course. But if you are going to walk or by bicycle, then in the hot season you should start early. Like between 6 and 7 in the morning.

Where to go?

In Historical Center of Nan town, best to start at the Wat Phumin then you can get information at the Tourist Information Center .


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