Memories of Luang Thana's Mansion in Nan town

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Opposite of the Wat Phumin, where now is Amazon Coffee Shop, was originally the grounds of Luang Thana's Mansion. The residence was originally build under Pra Chao Suriya Pong Parit (the 64th ruler of Nan) for his daughter Chao Buakhiao Na Nan. After the death of her husband she sold the mansion to Ammat Tri Luang Thananuson. His son Mr. Chan Lohajoti inherited the mansion and his descents are still living in it. As on the same grounds is now Amazon Coffee Shop from where you can see the mansion from close by, but please respect the privacy of the people still living in it. For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Luang Thana's Mansion in Nan - Thailand.


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