The Corona Crisis update at 6 March 2020

Warning : I am writing this on 6 March 2020 and the graphic on the left is from 1 March 2020 and comes from the TAT. This graphic is not meant as information about the corona virus. And I am not a medical specialist, so what I am going to write now is based on my own interpretation of the news and medical information that is currently available.

For more information about the corona virus in Thailand you might better have a look at Wikipedia about the 2020 coronavirus outbreak in Thailand or Department of Disease Control Thailand : Viral Pneumonia.

First of all yes I know the official name of this virus is COVID-19. And no I am not going to write all kind of data or medical information. I assume you can google that all yourself.

Then what is this about? Well to put it simple "To fear or not to fear?" although I would say "To be safe or to be sorry?". I am reading many things in the news and on facebook on both sides of "To fear or not to fear", mostly not based on facts or medical knowledge. So what do I think of it?
  1. Based on what I read on medical websites and reading data I think it is not just a flu. I think it has a higher fatality rate as flu. And I think it has a much longer incubation time as flu what makes it much more contagious as flu.
  2. I think our medical specialist do not know much of this corona virus, there are still many questions about this corona virus. And if you think about vaccine or medicine against any virus I suggest you do good reading about it.
  3. People who are using all kind of statistics about the flu and try to proof that this corona virus is just a flu do not realise that the statistics of this corona virus are far from complete. So it is like comparing apples and pears.
  4. The fact that this corona virus is now 6 March 2020 still not yet a worldwide pandemic is thanks to the far stretching measure China took. I do not see any reason why other countries not already did the same (but I assume money is a key factor here).
  5. I have no problem with people who think this corona virus is a flu and risk their own life but I have a problem when they are not complying with safety measures and with that risk potentially the life of others.
  6. I find it weird that most travel agencies worldwide are still pretending that there is nothing happening. Besides that there is worldwide a potential deathly virus going around the world, there are travel-ban's and quarantine's worldwide and this promises to become worse in the coming weeks. In many countries all kind of events or festivals are cancelled. And again this will become more and more in the coming weeks. So yes I think there is something to worry or think about before you are going to travel.
  7. I hope Europe learns from this not be dependent of China for essential things like medicines or other medical things.
  8. People gossip too much and believe anything that is written on internet. That is a problem, not the fear for this corona virus. 
As you might understand I am on the "Better safe as sorry" side, I limit my traveling. I limit being with big groups of people. Living in Nan province is already a kind of quarantine. Do I fear? Not to the extend that it controls my life, but I am a man, I am almost 60 and my lungs & heart are not of the best quality. So yes I fear any contagious disease that can potentially kill me (or my beloved ones).

On a more personal note ... about 20 years ago I had TB, for what we have very good medicines. So you do not have die from it. But still worldwide many people die from it. And although I was in my home country where we have good medical care I almost died of TB. Why? Because people, doctors included, did not know you could still get TB in Europe.

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.


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