Day 15 of Voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

Living in Thailand

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. I started this StayHome thread on 22 March 2020 but actually since 15 March 2020 we are in a kind of self chosen isolation, we only go to town for shopping. This is Day 15 at 5 April 2020. According to Air Visual we now have a US AQI of 85 (moderate) with an pm2.5 of 28.2 µg/m3 (where above 25 is unhealthy). Although my air purifier in the living room says pm2.5 of 93 µg/m3 with a temperature of 29℃ and a humidity of 54%. And as we can hardly see the mountains (could be partly fog) I think the US AQI of 85 from Air Visual is not correct. There is no sensor station in Pua, so AQI data is modeled using satellite data. Mind you in Huai Kon (where is a real sensor station) there is a US AQI of 217 and in Nan town (where is also a real sensor station) there is a US AQI of 192. But both are about 60 km from Pua. For postings about air quality in Thailand click AQI (Air Quality Index). Photo above was made end 2019 when I did visit Nanthaburi National Park.

So we are now already in Voluntary Self Isolation for 15 days. Justing thinking of it, I might better change this to week numbers instead of days, with an update at a fixed week of the day. So that will be done at the next update. Our live goes on like the other days of Voluntary Self Isolation, except that yesterday we did order take-away food from Little La Cuisine Restaurant. For the rest we not leave our garden, except to walk the dog.

In the meanwhile Nan province is still one of the only 11 provinces (out of the 77) where yet nobody has been tested positive for COVID-19. All National Parks and waterfalls in Nan are closed, as well all entertainment business and hospitals are preparing for having COVID-19 patients. One of the things they do is having the medicines for people brought to each village, so people do not have to go to the hospitals anymore. And all entrance road into Nan province are blocked with check points. All hotels are ordered to close until all goes better again.

Nation wide more & more provinces are closing their borders for anyone who is not living there. Also most domestic flights are canceled, so traveling within Thailand because almost impossible. And since yesterday there is a nation wide curfew from 22:00am to 4:00am. Restaurants are only for take-away and even all kind of public transport within Bangkok is limited or canceled. Of course all schools are already closed for a long time. And of course all sport events are canceled.


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