The Corona Crisis update on 11 April 2020

Warning : I am writing this on 11 April 2020 and the graphic above is a combination from 18 March 2020 and 10 April 2020. Both graphics come from the Department of Disease Control Thailand. The information of 10 April 2020 is at the moment of writing already not up to date. For more information about the corona virus in Thailand you might also have a look at Wikipedia about the 2020 coronavirus outbreak in Thailand or Thailand Tourisme Updates. For daily updates about traveling to/from Thailand you could have a look at Facebook from Richard Barrow in Thailand. All following information is created in good faith and is a personal expression of fair comment.

About the photo above : On the left side is a graphic with information from 18 March 2020, on the right side a graphic with information from 10 April 2020. Besides the growing numbers you can also notice that the given information is being limited.

About information from Wikipedia : Reading their information you might get the impression that there are more as 30.000 people tested in Thailand. But ....
"Suspected cases have not been confirmed as being due to this strain by laboratory tests, although some other strains may have been ruled out."

Slowly Thailand is going in a total lockdown, although it will not be called like that. But reality at this moment is :
  • Only essential arriving & departing international flights
  • All arriving people (Thai & foreigners) will be screened and will have to go into state organised 14 days of quarantine.
  • All borders are closed.
  • Most domestic flights are canceled.
  • Most interprovincial transport (bus, train, mini-van) are canceled.
  • Many (if not all) provinces are closing their borders, only essential traffic is allowed and all arriving people (Thai & foreigners) will be screened and will have to go into state organised 14 days of quarantine.
  • Some parts of places like Pattaya and Phuket are going in a real lockdown. Nobody in or out. And stay at your place.
  • All National Parks, waterfalls and beaches are closed.
  • All entertainment is closed and restaurants can only do take-away or delivery.
  • In most provinces is a alchohol sale ban of 2 or 3 weeks (depends on the province).
  • In some provinces you are required by law to use a face-mask when outside.
  • Songkran has been canceled, as well as all other holidays, events, etc.
  • Schools are closed and the school year has been changed.
  • There are confirmed COVID19 cases almost over all Thailand, although most cases are in Bangkok and Phuket. There are only 11 provinces left without confirmed cases. My home province Nan is one of them. 
It took a few times trying but the government has finally come up with a better system to quarantine arriving people (mostly Thai people). About 130 hotels offered their service and so they could have 16.000 rooms available for quarantine. The funny thing is even hotels without a hotel license did offer their service. Typically TIT. The government said to need only 6.000 rooms and will be selecting hotels to use.

The government is also giving hand-outs to people, like a 5.000 Thai baht monthly help for 6 months for people who really need it. And for people who not use much electric (= poor people) the electric will be free of charge. And all people can get back the deposit they paid for getting electric. And it seems there is another hand-out for currently active farmers.

It is also good to see that some people are spending time, effort and money to help the many jobless people who can not afford to buy food anymore. And some places restaurants or other business are offering free food. And some hotels offered free rooms & food for nurses & doctors. 

As there are still many tourists in Thailand (yes amazing), many of them started to get in trouble with their visa or visa exemption of stay. This resulted in 1.000's of people at immigrations offices, what of course is not a good idea during the Corona Crisis. It took a few weeks but finally the government has come up with a kind of visa amnesty valid for the moment until 30 April. But it seems logical to me that this will be extended.

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.


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