Following is just a personal rant and is not specially related to Thailand or traveling. On the day of writing 6 May 2020 we are still in the middle of the Corona Crisis, although because the curves of statistics are flattening (less people are confirmed to have the Corona virus and less people die of the Corona virus) some people seem to think that it is almost over. Mind you we actually do not know much of this virus but history could have learned us that a virus not just disappears. But never mind people just want to go back to the old normal from the pre-corona era. Back to normal? Really? Back to normal? Back to being a consumer in a global world where a small elite of people make more money as the all rest of the world? Back to a normal where we rape & destroy the world just to benefit that elite? Where we fight wars & kille people for natural resources? Where a small part of the world population can live in absurd prosperity while the most people are living in poverty?

Humans are weird, we think we can control everything. And we think we can win every battle with mother earth. But some day we will have to pay for all we have done. Koyaanisqatsi, life out of balance, is a movie as part of the Qatsi movie trilogy. It is actually a crazy time we are living in ....
  • In Europe we can eat vegetables from Argentina or Chilli. That is cheaper as the same vegetables from Spain or Italy. That the vegetables are grown with chemicals and that the farmers get a lousy salary does not matter. That a ship that brings the vegetables produces more air pollution as an all village does not matter.
  • In the Netherlands are living more pigs as humans and the meat is exported all over the EU and the rest of the world. That the pigs are living with 1.000's together, are given medicines and are slaughtered like they have no feelings, that all does not matter. That pigs are transported all over Europe in trucks like they are not living creatures, also that does not matter.
  • People fly for a weekend from Paris to Hong Kong to go shopping or have dinner, while at that same moment people are dying of hunger because we can not organise to bring them food.
  • In Europe and many other "rich" countries almost everybody carries a high-tech communication device what gives us access to 99% of the world knowledge and we use it to tell other people what we have been eating or at what a beautiful beach we are. And in the meanwhile some of us believe stories that the Corona Virus is created to control us. 
Do we really want to go back to that world where we are obsessed by consuming because we can not use our brains anymore? Consuming to make the filthy rich people even more rich? Giving them more control of our lives? I am afraid I know the answer, humans have proven not to learn from history and to actually only care about themselves. But mother earth will hit back.


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