Sunset on 25 December 2004

Living in Thailand
Sunset over Bung Kaen Nakhorn in Khon Kaen, North-East Thailand (2004)

Photo above was taken on 25 December 2004 while having a weddings party dinner of a friend at Bua Luang Restaurant in Khon Kaen. It was a great party and the guests of honour had planned to fly a few days later to Phuket to celebrate their marriage with family. Little did we know that the next day an unprecedented disaster would hit South Asia ... the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami in what 230.000 would be killed. We were all at the Charoen Thani Hotel in Khon Kaen and had breakfast at 26 December 2004 when we look to the news and did not grasped the seriousness of the disaster and the beach holiday was still going ahead as planned were the thoughts at 10:00am. But when news came in more and more we realised that a disaster of magnitude had hit South Asia. A beach holiday to Phuket was off the plan. But what if they would have married 2 or 3 days earlier?

In the meanwhile most people have totally forgotten about this Tsunami disaster. And even worse in the years directly after it in Thailand it was used by influential people to gain beach property. Some people are really despicable. And anno 2020 the all world has been hit by another disaster, the Corona Crisis. And while in Voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome I did watch the movie The Impossible about the Tsunami. Not the best choice of movie to watch after almost 6 weeks at home during a disaster of global proportions. And maybe not the best movie about the Tsunami, but impressive. And it makes you humble to be thankful to be spared from this kind of disasters.


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