Week 6 of Voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

Living in Thailand

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis in Thailand. I started this StayHome thread on 22 March 2020 but actually since 15 March 2020 we are in a kind of self chosen isolation, we only go to town for shopping. This is week 6 at 2 May 2020. As usual I will start with the air pollution. According to Air Visual we now have a US AQI of 65 (moderate) with an pm2.5 of 18.1 µg/m3. Photo above was taken at 5:45am from our garden, just before I did ride to Viewpoint 1715 along route 1256 in the mountains of Doi Phu Kha. For that see the photos below.

Another week has passed and we did about the same as the week before. A bit of working in the garden, a bit of shopping, watch TV and play on Facebook. I use the time to update my travel blog and 2 other websites under my management. In the meanwhile many people seem to think the Corona Crisis is almost over and start to relax and getting off guard about the Corona virus. Personally I think that is a big mistake. And all the effort until now would be for nothing. We will StayHome for the rest of the month May and than we will reconsider our options. Personally I hope that Thailand will keep its borders closed until end of May and maybe a bit longer. And I think it would be a good idea to keep the inter-provincial borders just as well closed. We are not planning any traveling this year. Maybe we will travel at the end of the year, but we are not planning it or thinking about it. Personally I think most of the world should first be for at least 2 weeks corona-deaths free. In that regards I am overthinking how to manage the re-opening of our homestay Non Na Pua. Currently our homestay Non Na Pua is closed until 31 May, maybe even longer. But what to do after the Corona Crisis? My thoughts .....
  • Minimum stay of 2 nights?
  • After use of the homestay keep it empty for 72 hours?
  • Clean the room room after 72 hours?
  • Not serving breakfast?
  • Extra discount for people staying more as 2 nights?
  • Compulsory use of face-masks during check-in and check-out?
  • Providing 2 face-masks per day free of charge?
  • Providing alchohol gel free of charge?
  • Not using refillable soaps?
Of course my wife is missing her family and would have liked to visit them, but that is not going to happen anytime soon. I had planned to go to Europe this summer but that is not going to happen. I had planned to be working in Vietnam end of the summer but that is also not going to happen.

Living in Thailand
Viewpoint 1715 along route 1256 in Nan province, North Thailand

Living in Thailand
Viewpoint 1715 along route 1256 in Nan province, North Thailand


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