The New Normal in Thailand during COVID19

As of yesterday 1 Juni 2020 more and more health regulations in regards to the Corona Crisis (COVID19) are being relaxed in Thailand. Although still no international tourists are allowed to enter Thailand. But domestically people are allowed to travel again from one province to another, also just for tourism. That means airlines & bus companies are starting again with domestic transport.

And the opening of Hotels, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, most Beaches, some National Parks, Beauty Salons, Fitness, Swimming Pools. But with health regulations to prevent COVID19. And as you may notice not yet the opening of bars, pubs and other entertainment. And restaurants are not allowed to serve alchohol. And there is still a kind of curfew.

To be able to retrace contacts of COVID19 cases all hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. must have an approved QR code to the Thai Chana platform. This is both available with an app or website. The idea is that you check-in & check-out by scanning the QR code. When checking out you are asked if the place applied all COVID19 regulations like wearing a face-mask, keeping distance and cleaning the place. And well I can ensure you that upcountry some shops / restaurants do not have a QR code or are not using face-mask or have not implementing social distance.