The Corona Crisis update about traveling to & in Thailand

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Today 8 June 2020 a short update about traveling in & to Thailand during the worldwide Corona Crisis.
  • Until end of June 2020 inbound tourism is not allowed in Thailand and the forecast is that this will more or less stay like that for the next few months. Although starting from 1 July 2020 there are expected more relaxed regulations but normal international traveling is still far away.
  • Since begin June 2020 domestic traveling is allowed again. This means that inter-provincial traveling without quarantine is possible again. It also means opening of airports, hotels, some tourist attractions and some beaches. It also means restarting again of some domestic flights, some train service, some ferry service and some bus service. 
  • Since begin June 2020 many business are allowed to open again, not only hotels but also restaurants (but still no alchohol allowed), shopping malls, cinema, spa, beauty salons, barbers, etc.
  • This all means that since begin June 2020 live is more or less back to normal again but on public you will have to wear a face-mask, you will have to check-in&out at shops and hotels, pubs & entertainment places are still closed, National Parks are not open yet.
  • As This Is Thailand rules can change per day and even per hour.


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