What did I eat today? Khao Kha Mu

Thai Food

Although I have already a serie about Thai Food in general and although Thai food is Typically Thai I hereby introduce a new serie What Did I eat today? Because many people ask me what I am eating after living in Thailand for more as 15 years. Well first of all I still not eat and never will eat spicy food. My taste buds are just not made for it. And I want my food to be dead but not too long dead. So that all limits my Thai food. For breakfast I most times still eat western style, musli with yoghurt or bread. But for lunch or dinner I eat almost always Thai food. 

So what did I eat? 

Well this week we went to Nan town very early and we had breakfast at a kind of food-stall restaurant in Nan town. And their speciality is Khao Kha Mu, braised pork leg on rice with a little bit vegetable, boiled egg and served with with a small cup of broth soup. My wife ordered for me a dish without fat on the meat.

Costs : 40 Thai baht

What is Khao Kha Mu?

Khao Kha Mu is basically braised pork leg in a seasoning condensed hot pottage, then it will be cut into thin slices and topped on steamed rice. The dish is served with boiled egg, small pieces of pickled lettuce and sometimes blanched kale. People can add chili peppers or garlic on the side. Most times it is served with a clear soup. This is actually a cheap dish sold at street food-stalls. But it is also a famous and delicious dish so there are actually special Khao Kha Mu restaurants where within a few hours all the meat is sold. Most times it is served with meat that has a lot of fat, nice for the taste when it is cooked.


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