The Corona Crisis update at 18 October 2020

Date 18 October 2020 : I thought let's write something again about the Corona Crisis in Thailand. When the Corona Crisis did became a worldwide crisis I thought by this time international traveling would be back to normal again. But I was wrong and currently I think it is not going to be back to normal anytime soon. Maybe summer 2021? So how is the Corona Crisis effecting my life and Thailand in general? 

Photo on to the left is a screen-shot made on 18 October 2020 at 7:00am and gives the latest information by the Department of Disease Control of Thailand. Photo below is a screen-shot made on 18 October 7:40am and gives the latest information by the TAT News. More information can be found on Wikipedia.

Let's start with the latter, international borders are still closed for tourists. The use of face-masks is mandatory at public places. The government is still insisting there are no local cases of the Corona Virus, although last week there have been some cases in Tak. But that were people from Myanmar. As there are no international tourists anymore in Thailand the tourism sector is hit very hard. Especially in places like Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Places that are for maybe 70% depending on international tourism. Luckily Thai people can not go anywhere for holiday so they replace now a bit of the international tourists. But Thai tourism seems to favor other destinations as Thai. Example here in Nan province tourisme is booming and in the weekends all hotels are full. 

So is the Corona Crisis killing the Thai economy? I not think so, it is said to be only 20% of the GDP so that leaves another 80% that is not much effected by the Corona Crisis. Yes, for domestic airlines it is a total disaster.  But in general life goes on in Thailand almost like normal. People are traveling, restaurants & pubs are open. It seems even movie theaters and massage places are open. Domestic airlines are flying, busses are driving. 

But in the meanwhile the Thai government is desperately trying to find ways to get tourism back again, but with all kind of out-of-the-real-world regulations that nobody in his right mind will come as tourist to Thailand now. 

My personal life during the Corona Crisis? Well we are living in a small town in North Thailand, where international tourism does not play any economical role. Yes I lost overseas business this year and probably also next year. Yes I had planned to go to Europe this summer for family business and it is doubtful if that is possible next year. So yes the Corona Crisis effects me. But on the other hand our homestay business is doing great. And that is partly because of the Corona Crisis. 

Our personal life more or less goes on as normal, restaurants & coffee shops are open. Although due to our homestay business we have not much time to travel or things like that. Hopefully after the high season we can take a holiday to the beach somewhere. The cool season is kicking in and living in small town Pua in North Thailand is great.


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