Rice harvest in Pua

Destination Travel Guide Nan, North Thailand

At the end of the green season it is time to do the rice harvest. The first step was a few days ago when the rice was cut. This is not done anymore by hand but with a small machine that cuts the rice like a razor. After that the rice has to be collected for threshing & cleaning the rice. And that was done yesterday. The  threshing & cleaning is again also not done by hand anymore but again with a small machine that is taken to the rice field. This is a terrible job as the remains are blown out of the machine together with all dust. An unhealthy job and also for us it is unhealthy. So we close all our windows and wait 1 hour inside our house until the dust settles down. But as the rice fields near our house are all small plots, every farmer will be doing this on different days. After the rice some farmers will plant corn, others will plant chillies, unions or garlic. For more about farming in Pua click on the label Farming. For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Rice harvest in Pua, North Thailand


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