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Written 24 December 2020
. And well in regards of the Corona virus worldwide the fat lady has not been singing yet. And the borders of Thailand are still more or less closed, people entering Thailand still have to go into 14 days quarantine. Although until now the numbers of COVID-19 cases have been very low in compare to other countries. But since a few days there might be (or is) a second wave of COVID-19 going on in Thailand. What happend?

Well Thailand is famous for its fishing & seafood industry. And just like many other industries they try to make as much money as they can by hiring cheap labour. Now you would say that is easy in Thailand. But it is much cheaper to use the so called migrant workers from Myanmar (or Cambodia and Laos). But in the fishing & seafood industry most are from Myanmar. So when in the beginning of the Corona crisis the borders of Thailand were closed many Myanmar workers returned home. Then later borders were openend again for business and cargo transport. And people entering Thailand had actually to stay 14 days in quarantine. But of course that is financial not viable for cheap labour. And companies started to complain that they did not have a work force anymore. So of course many of this new work force came over the border illegally. And well in Myanmar there has been a huge spike in COVID-19 cases in the past months. And it is very easy to cross the border illegal. This has been proven a few weeks ago when a few Thai girls working in Myanmar sneaked back into Thailand (at Mae Sai) while they had COVID. 

So it all started with a Thai lady who did get sick and was tested positive for COVID-19. And she did visit a big seafood Market in Samut Sakhon (a bit south-west of Bangkok). So they started to test her contacts and did find more COVID-19 cases in Samut Sakhon. Most of them migrant workers from Myanmar. But this seafood market is used as whole-sale market for all over Thailand. So they started to test more and more. And they did find many more COVID-19 cases, most are migrant workers in Samut Sakhon. But also local Thai in 22 other provincies in Thailand.

So many people in Thailand are now in panic. Will Thailand go in lockdown again? Will some provinces go in lockdown again? Actually 3 provinces are for some parts in lockdown. And some big events are already canceled. Like New-Year parties at some places. Here in Nan the WalkingStreet Market is closed. And some hotels have some cancelations because people are afraid to travel. And yes of course all seafood business nation-wide is closed or at least people will not buy seafood anymore. 

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