About Ban Bo Suak in Nan province

Ban Bo Suak is a village 17 km south-west of Nan town and became famous as place of ancient production of kilns, jars and pots. Research did learn that the area has been a small settlement in the 15th century and that they made glazed ceramics in the style of San Kampheang and Chiang Rai. There is a small private museum and there is a reconstruction of one kiln. 

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What to do in Ban Bo Suak?

Well the main attraction of Ban Bo Suak is to Experience the local lifestyle or visit the local Ancient Kiln Museum (make appointment). Be aware that Ban Bo Suak is not a real tourist destination and that for that reason attractions might be not up to standards of tourists. For information about other places in Nan province click on their name below here.

When to go to Ban Bo Suak?

Ban Bo Suak can be visited the all year, everyday of the week.

How to go to Ban Bo Suak?

Ban Bo Suak is about 17 km south-west of Nan town, there is no public transport to go there. So you could go there with your own transport or arrange a taxi. If you book a program with Homestay Baan Bo Suak they will arrange transfer to/from Nan town. 

Accommodation in Ban Bo Suak

Although Ban Bo Suak is not a tourist destination there is some accommodation

Map of Ban Bo Suak

Destination Travel Guide Nan by Traveling 2 Thailand

Route from Nan town to Ban Bo Suak


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