About Ban Luang district in Nan province

Ban Luang is a district most western of Nan town and bordering Phrae & Phayao province and surrouned by mountains. The main village that is referred to as Ban Luang are actually Ban Don Lai, Ban Pa Kha Luang and Ban Sod. The district is famous for the hill-tribes living in the mountains like Hmong and more notable the Mlabri (Phi Tong Luang). 

Destination Travel Guide Nan by Traveling 2 Thailand

What to do in Ban Luang?

The main attraction of Ban Luang is the village where the Mlabri are living. Be aware that of course this is not anymore a genuine Mlabri village like it is shown about 15 years ago. The Mlabri were originally a kind of forrest gypsies without a real village. They lived from hunting in the forrest. But most of the forrest is gone and replaces by corn plantations. So they now live together with a Hmong community. 

Along route 1091 you will be passing a real local jungle market, where people from the mountains sell local grown products as vegetables & herbs.  For information about other places in Nan province click on their name below here.

How to get to Ban Luang?

  • There is no public transport, although you could get the inter-provincial bus from Nan to Phayao.
  • By private car or motorbike just follow route 1091 to Phayao.

Food & Beverages in Ban Luang

Ban Luang is not a tourist destination but there are a few local restaurants and Coffee Shops.

      Accommodation in Ban Luang

      Ban Luang is not a tourist destination to stay overnight but there is a few local accommodation. 

      Where to go next?

      Coming from Nan the next destination would be Phayao or Chiang Rai.

        Map of Ban Luang town

        Destination Travel Guide Nan by Traveling 2 Thailand

        Route from Nan town to Ban Luang

        Destination Travel Guide Nan by Traveling 2 Thailand

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