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Of course the Ancient Salt Pits of Bo Klua are just a excuse to go to Bo Klua, a small village in north-east corner of Nan province. Bo Klua is actually a district and the village everybody refers to as Bo Klua is actually Ban Bo Luang. The real beauty of Bo Klua lies of course in the remote, picturesque village of Ban Bo Luang in the scenic valley between the rugged mountains and jungle of Doi Phu Kha National Park bordering Laos. Bo Klua is about 90 km north of Nan town and is famous for its Ancient Salt Pits that are still producing salt the old fashioned way. In the old days Bo Klua's salt was an export product of the Nan Kingdom and the salt was sold to neighbouring kingdoms of Sukhothai, Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang. Going to Bo Klua is part of the journey as you will be going into the mountains up-to 1670m high, passing stunning viewpoints, camping grounds and Doi Phu Kha National Park where you could go for hiking to huge waterfalls. Bo Klua is a perfect destination to stay for 1 or 2 nights and enjoy authentic slow life in a mountain village. Luckily Bo Klua is not (yet) overrun by tourists and hardly any western tourist make it to Bo Klua. In the cool season Bo Klua begins to be a popular destination for Thai tourists, but the remote location keeps Bo Klua safe from becoming a place like Pai. Luckily there are a few hotels, restaurants and even 2 good coffee shops. Be aware that Bo Klua is about 90 km north of Nan town. 


How to get to Bo Klua in Nan province, North Thailand
View over the mountains of Doi Phu Kha in Nan province

How to get to Bo Klua?

Although everybody speaks about Bo Klua you will actually be heading to Ban Bo Luang, what is the main village in Bo Klua district. Ban Sapan is about 12 - 15 km north of Bo Klua.
  • By public transport you will first have to take the Orange Bus from Nan town to Pua and then in Pua change to a Songtheauw to Bo Klua. You can privately hire a Songtheauw so you can make a nice trip to Bo Klua and stop along the way when you want.
  • By private car or motorbike just follow route 101 to Pua and then follow the signs for Doi Phu Kha National Park and follow route 1256 to Bo Klua.
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Tourist Attraction in Bo Klua, Nan province, North Thailand
Ancient Salt Pits of Bo Klua

What to do in Bo Klua?

The main attractions of Bo Klua are the laid back location of the village Ban Bo Luang between the mountains and the Ancient Salt Pits of Bo Klua. For motorbike riders Bo Klua is famous for its Bo Klua Motorbike Loop. Other things to do in & near Bo Klua are :
  1. Hiking at the Doi Phu Kha National Park or Khun Nan National Park
  2. Swimming at Saphan Waterfall in the jungle of Khun Nan National Park
  3. See the Origin of the Nan River
  4. Wild Water Rafting in the Wa River
  5. Visiting Phu Fa Royal Project
  6. Bicycling in the valley of Bo Klua
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    Food & Beverages in Bo Klua district

    Well the best place for lunch or dinner is the restaurant of Bo Klua View Resort but there are a few other places to eat & drink like near the bus-stop or near the Ancient Salt Pits. Coffee Shops usually serve of course Hot & Cold drinks and sometimes they also serve Cakes or Thai snacks.

    In Bo Klua town (actually Ban Bo Luang)
    1. Gin I Klua Restaurant & Coffee Shop
    2. Pongza Restaurant 👍
    3. Tao Tan Restaurant
    4. Salt Pit Coffee Shop

    Along route 1081 from Bo Klua to Santisuk

    Riding from Bo Klua to Santisuk via route 1081 you will be passing some coffee shops & restaurants. Most are actually in Pua district but as this is the route from Bo Klua I will add them to this section. The number of these coffee shops & restaurants is growing rapidly.

    Accommodation in Bo Klua

    One of the best & most famous resort is Bo Klua View Resort but there are a few other nice (and much cheaper) accommodations to be found in Bo Klua. But be aware that most accommodation out of the village, some up to 2km or 6 km out of Bo Klua village.

    Price category taking in account the high-season prices :

          ฿     Under 600 ฿ (Hostels, Guesthouse's)
        ฿฿    600 - 1.100 ฿ (Boutique style Guesthouse)
      ฿฿฿ 1.100 - 3.000 ฿ (Midrange Hotels & Resorts)
    ฿฿฿฿ 3.000 - 10.000 ฿ (Boutique Hotels & Resort)

    In & south of Bo Klua town (actually Ban Bo Luang)

    1. Arpo De Marng Resort & Camping ฿฿
    2. Bo Klua River Villa
    3. Bo Klua Fai Resort  ฿
    4. Bo Klua View Resort 👍  ฿฿฿
    5. Bo Klua Kong Dang Resort 👍 ฿ 
    6. Mon Sailom Homestay
    7. Phan Klong Homestay
    8. Phu Klua Home  ฿฿
    9. Phu Keng Dao Homestay
    10. Phu Ping Mork Homestay
    11. PlaiMang Tangrak Resotel
    12. Suan Rim Mang Camping
    13. The Seasons Hill Bo Klua

    Along route 1081 from Bo Klua to Santisuk

    Riding from Bo Klua to Santisuk via route 1081 you will be passing some accommodation places. Some are within Bo Klua district, some are actually in Pua district. The number of these accommodation is growing rapidly.
    1. Ouan Oun Rak Homestay
    2. Doi Kwang Mountain View
    3. Hills Camping

    Along route 1333

    Route 1333 is a back-road of route 1081 from Bo Klua to Santisuk. Along this road you will find Phu Fa Royal Project and the village Ban Sop Mang (right along the Wa River).

    Emergencies in Bo Klua

    • District Hospital Bo Klua (along route 1256)

    Gasoline stations in Bo Klua

    • A very small one at a shop near the Ancient Salt Pits
    • A small one about 10 km south of Bo Klua along route 1081

    Where to go next?

    Bo Klua is almost an end destination but about 15 km north is Ban Sapan, another popular destination in de mountains of Doi Phu Kha. Going more north you could go to Ban Wen, Phu Payak or Huai Kon (border with Laos). Going south you would go to Pua or Nan town.


    Since end 2019 there are finally a few ATM's in Bo Klua town in the main street near the famous Ancient Salt Pits.

    Map of Ban Bo Luang / Bo Klua

    Map of Bo Klua in Nan - Thailand

    Route from Nan to Ban Bo Luang / Bo Klua

    How to go to Bo Klua in Nan - Thailand
    Route from Nan town to Bo Klua in North Thailand

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